My wife and I have known Maria Teresa for more than 20 years. We first met when she was a front desk clerk at the Hotel San Pietro. She was so very kind to us when we were newcomers to the Amalf Coast. Since that time we have returned 9 times. Our 10th visit will be in just 10 days and Maria Teresa continues to take exceptional care of us. Maria Teresa will not only be your concierge, she will be your friend forever. She is like the genie in the bottle who pops us and says, "YOUR WISH IS MY EVERY COMMAND",,, and she really means it. No one knows more about the fabulous Amalfi Coast. if you are lucky she might let you meet her beautiful daughter Margherita, who we will meet next week. She is like the American All State insurance motto, "You are in good hands with Maria Teresa".

We know Maria Teresa from her work at Il San Pietro in Positano and we will follow her wherever she goes. While at San Pietro, Maria stood out not only for her exceptional knowledge of the entire area and her great contacts, but for her wonderful kind and warm demeanor. We are heading back to Posetano this summer for our 25th wedding anniversary and will certainly rely on Maria Teresa for everything from our transportation to our hotel, restaurants, and one of those magical boat tours!

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